Why Isn’t My AC Compressor Turning On?

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How To Fix It at Home

Your air conditioner’s compressor is one of the most important elements of your cooling system. When it malfunctions or fails, it will stop cooling your home, diminishing your comfort. In some cases, it may be possible to resolve the problem without calling an HVAC specialist. 

However, it’s important to remember that while some problems may seem simple to resolve, many issues should be left to the professionals. Knowing which is which is the key to saving money while protecting yourself and your air conditioner from harm.

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What Is an AC Compressor?

The AC compressor pumps refrigerant through your air conditioner. It’s designed to transfer heat from the refrigerant, cooling your home. Compressor operation is straightforward. As the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat, it’s pumped through the compressor that compresses the refrigerant. This process allows the temperature of the refrigerant to rise, causing it to evaporate, which releases the heat. Once cooled, the refrigerant then recirculates through the system, and the process continues.

Common Reasons for an AC Compressor To Stop Working

You can expect your AC compressor to provide between 10 and 15 years of reliable operation with proper care and maintenance. That said, even the best-built compressors can suffer critical faults and failures as the years pass. Some of the most common reasons your AC compressor may stop working include:

  • Failure to stop: If the AC compressor won’t turn off, inspect the evaporator coils. If they’re iced up, it can indicate the evaporator coil is clogged with dirt or debris, or that the system is losing refrigerant. Both of these issues require professional service.
  • Failure to cool: If the unit blows hot air, confirm that it isn’t set to “heat” mode. If the settings are correct, you might have a refrigerant leak.
  • Damaged fan: Inspect the fan blades to confirm they’re not bent or broken. If they are, they will struggle to circulate air and will cause the unit to overheat and shut off.
  • Loud operation: If the unit makes loud noises, such as banging, clanging, grinding, or screeching, these can indicate debris in the system or loose components. If the unit is free of debris and everything is tight and secure, it’s likely due to component failure.
  • Clicking and ticking: If you hear clicking or ticking sounds, it’s likely a malfunction with the electrical controls. It may also be due to a mechanical fault within the compressor. In all cases, this is something a professional HVAC technician should investigate.

How To Fix Your AC Compressor

The best way to keep your air conditioner compressor in good condition is to keep it clean, change the oil and filter regularly, and keep the condenser coils clean and clear of debris.

  • Check the breakers: Make sure the breakers are secure and have the capacity to support AC operation.
  • Check the fuse: Most air conditioners have a fuse box. Make sure that the fuse is in good condition and properly secured.
  • Clean the unit: Remove all leaves, dirt, and other debris from within the air conditioner.
  • Change the filter: Regularly change the air filter and ensure proper airflow through the unit.
  • Don’t disassemble anything: You should never attempt to disassemble the air conditioner, seal leaks, or add refrigerant. These tasks should always be left to a licensed and insured HVAC technician.

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When your air conditioner falters or fails, the team at Phixser Solutions is ready to help! Our expert HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect your system and determine the fastest, most cost-effective solutions for restoring your system to operation. When you choose our team, you can depend on our HVAC technicians to provide expert recommendations, reliable workmanship, and effective repairs.

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