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Decorative koi pond in a garden at night with lightingThe right lighting can transform a room, an exterior, or an entire home or business. That’s why homeowners and business owners in Miami and Hialeah should always turn to the expert team at Phixser Solutions Inc. for effective, reliable, pleasing solutions to nearly any lighting issue.

Whether you need a fixture repaired, a dimmer installed, security lighting upgrades, or anything else, you can expect service and products that exceed your expectations with our team on the job. We offer free estimates on service calls and replacements, so don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about what our team can do for the lighting of your home or business.

Call Phixser Solutions Inc. at (305) 850-7671 to schedule lighting services for your home or business in Miami or Hialeah.

Home Lighting

Keeping your house well-lit is an important part of making it a home. A lovely yard you can use at night, well-lit rooms for hosting guests or working on important projects, the right lighting for watching movies or reading quietly — all of these are things the team at Phixser Solutions Inc. can help with. Our home lighting services include:

  • Light fixture repair: Flickering, unreliable, or outright dangerous lights can return to normal when you reach out to Phixser Solutions Inc.
  • Recessed lighting: Interested in recessed lighting to enhance the beauty and function of your home? Our team can help.
  • Dimmers: A dimmer can save electricity and allow flawless lighting for various situations in the same space.
  • Outdoor lighting: Good outdoor lighting can mean the difference between a useful exterior for barbecues and pool parties and a dark exterior that serves only as a tripping hazard.
  • Security lighting: Keep your home safe with automated security lighting courtesy of the expert installers at Phixser Solutions Inc.

Commercial Lighting Service

The right lighting is just as important for a business as a home, shaping beauty, first impressions, productivity, safety, and energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking for repairs, inspections, maintenance, or new installations, you can always count on the Phixser Solutions Inc. team to handle your business’s needs with care.

We offer full service for security lighting, outdoor lighting, parking lot lighting, and more. Our team also understands the unique needs of businesses for lighting, repairs, and service in general, so we’ll always offer the prompt, effective service you need to minimize downtime and disruption to your property and maintain productivity.

Contact Phixser Solutions Inc. at (305) 850-7671 to request commercial lighting services in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Why Choose Us?

At Phixser Solutions Inc., we’re committed to serving every residential and commercial customer with the same level of outstanding care and attention. We want you to feel appreciated and respected from beginning to end, we want you to feel fully confident in our technicians and their craft, and we want you to be safe, code-compliant, and comfortable when we’re done with our work, and everything is cleaned up.

Choose Phixser Solutions Inc. today for your home and business lighting needs in Miami and Hialeah. Call (305) 850-7671 to discuss your service needs or schedule a visit.


Are dimmers good for resale value?

Dimmers can add an extra appeal to a property, helping to seal the deal on a sale when you need something unique to lend an edge to your property. As a charming, useful feature for any home, they’re certain to benefit your resale value.

Is security lighting an effective deterrent?

Most criminals prefer to work without being seen or drawing attention, both of which become far more difficult with security lighting. Automated lighting works better than constant lighting — according to some studies, it’s even a stronger deterrent than cameras!

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Proudly Serving The Southeast Florida Area

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