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Ductless mini-split outside unit attached to wall of buildingDuctless AC is a dependable option for South Florida buildings, especially for unique building types or homeowners looking for a more energy-efficient solution. If you’re looking for a flexible and unique alternative to central AC, our team at Phixser Solutions Inc. is a trustworthy source.

Ductless AC is a specialized solution you should discuss with a true HVAC professional. Our team is knowledgeable and trained on all brands of mini-split systems and can guide you through the process of owning and operating them. When you’re ready to get your new system, we have coupons and financing options to help you with your home investment.

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Is Ductless AC Right for My Home?

Ductless mini-splits are flexible and highly energy-efficient, making them a convenient alternative for Miami Lakes homes. Ductless AC systems work well for:

  • Controlling the temperature in individual rooms: Mini-split systems work well for controlling the air comfort in specific zones or individual rooms. A mini-split AC is an energy-efficient option if you want a specific area of your home to be cooler than the rest. 
  • Older homes or building types where ductwork cannot be installed: Retro-fitting central AC and ductwork can be costly and complicated. In situations where it just won’t work to install ductwork, mini-split systems are a suitable solution due to their small size and simple installation.  
  • Four-season rooms or home additions: Bonus rooms or home additions are suitable locations for ductless AC, where you can have the flexibility of temperature control without additional installation costs of ductwork and excess load on your existing central AC.
  • Areas where you need greater control or flexibility of temperature: Certain spaces, like home studios or storage rooms, require greater temperature control. Adding a ductless AC to these rooms or zones gives you flexibility for specific needs.

Expert Ductless Installation & Replacement

Phixser Solutions Inc. technicians can swiftly replace and install ductless AC units due to their comprehensive training and experience. They begin by assessing the ideal placement for indoor and outdoor units, considering factors like air circulation and aesthetics. Their knowledge of the equipment and precise installation techniques ensures a seamless and efficient setup, typically completed in a fraction of the time it would take an inexperienced installer.

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Same-Day Mini-Split Repair

Although mini-split systems are known for durability, our team is trained to troubleshoot unique repairs quickly. Ductless mini-split repairs are needed if the unit runs noticeably louder than usual or makes loud, unusual sounds (like clanging, grumbling, or screeching). It’s important to service these types of issues right away, which is why we offer same-day repairs.

To avoid costly problems down the road, contact us right away for mini-split repairs and maintenance. Our team is prompt and professional. 

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Phixser Solutions Inc. is a decision that assures both professionalism and trustworthiness. With a team of experts well-versed in building codes and on-site procedures, our installations are efficient and compliant with safety standards. We service your home with respect and professionalism, maintaining a clean and organized work area, prompt and honest service, and high-quality work.

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Is ductless AC good in Miami?

Ductless AC is more energy-efficient and, thus, a viable alternative in excessively hot and humid regions like Miami. Ductless AC is a great option with the right size system and properly placed units.

What’s the best way to install air conditioning in an apartment building?

Mini-split systems are a highly suitable option for installing AC in an apartment building. They’re particularly suited for older spaces that don’t have existing ductwork.

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Proudly Serving The Southeast Florida Area

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