Electrical Panel Services in Miami & Hialeah, FL

Electrical panel being repairedDoes your home have 100, 150, or 200 amps? Do your lights flicker, or does a circuit trip if you add a new appliance?

Some newer homes and businesses have panel issues that can be fixed by an expert electrician. Older buildings frequently have outdated panels that eventually need repair or replacement, and we can help.

Phixser Solutions Inc. provides top-rated plumbing, electrical, and air conditioning services throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. With free estimates on replacement quotes and service calls, we provide upfront pricing and have flexible payment options.

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Panel Upgrades

Upgrading inefficient panels includes benefits like improving electrical safety, increasing appliance power distribution, and reducing energy usage. New panels will last 40 to 60 years, lowering maintenance, insurance premiums, and repair costs.

Replace older split bus electrical panels, which are not ideal for today’s appliances and can overload and cause unsafe conditions. Fuse boxes were popular in the ‘60s but needed ratings for circuits, and the wires must match the fuse box, i.e., adding a fuse with a higher rating can lead to over-fusing.

Given the shock and fire risks, upgrading electrical panels requires a permit. Like most electrical work, DIY upgrades are not safe. With the work taking six to eight hours, expect to be without power during that time.

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Electrical Panel Repair

For homes 25 years old or older, outdated panels will eventually need service to meet the demand for modern appliances like EV chargers and smart refrigerators.

Contact an electrician for:

  • Circuit breakers that trip frequently with appliances overtaxing your panel
  • Outdated fuse-based panels are not meeting your electrical needs
  • Burning plastic odors, melted wires, or scorch marks from old wiring
  • Buzzing, humming, or clicking noises in the walls or outlets
  • Rust or corrosion from water damage or dimming lights from faulty wiring

Schedule Panel Services in Miami, FL

Updating your electric panel will ensure you can safely and efficiently power your HVAC system, alarm, and appliances. For the best results, turn to a name you can trust.

At Phixser Solutions, Inc., we follow all procedures and building codes, and our background-checked employees are insured and fully licensed. Trust our team to resolve all your electrical issues and assist with all electrical panel repairs and replacements.

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Why is my electrical panel so warm to the touch?

Warm electrical panels are indicators that wires are not adequately insulated or properly connected. Have the panel checked by a technician to reduce electrical hazards.

When are panel upgrades necessary?

Upgrading electrical panels reduces fire hazards and provides sufficient power for all your devices and appliances. While subpanels are options, homes over 25 years old can benefit from a panel upgrade if the systems trip frequently.

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Proudly Serving The Southeast Florida Area

Miami-Dade County | Broward County | Palm Beach County

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